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Does gap insurance cover engine failure?

Engine failure is certainly a heart-stopping diagnosis on a vehicle—especially one you’ve only recently purchased! Unfortunately, gap insurance will not cover engine failure.

Gap coverage is specific to totaled or stolen vehicles, with the intention of covering the difference between the market value insurers pay out and the amount still owed in loans.

While engine failure makes it impossible to drive a car, it’s not technically totaled—the issue usually arises from regular wear and tear and can be fixed with the help of a mechanic.

All is not lost, though! You may still be covered with your warranty or other insurance coverage. Here’s what might help you:

  • Bumper-to-bumper warranty—as it suggests, this warranty covers everything in your car from bumper-to-bumper. This includes mechanical breakdowns and engine failure.
  • Powertrain warranty—this warranty coverage is specific to the system that makes your car move, the engine is a big part of that.
  • Mechanical breakdown insurance—if you opted into this coverage, engine failure is covered.

Because you only bought your car two years ago, it’s very likely that your warranty has not yet expired. Check with your contract, and you may find yourself breathing a huge sigh of relief.

It’s always a good idea to keep yourself armed with good car insurance should scenarios like engine failure arise. Though finding affordable policies may seem daunting—Jerry can make the process quick and easy!

The app is free to use and instantly analyzes custom quotes from over 50 top insurance companies to track down the lowest rates available to you. The average user ends up saving $887 a year on car insurance, so it’s definitely worth a look to keep both mind and budget at ease!

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