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5 Most Expensive Cities For Car Insurance (And 5 Least Expensive)

Auto insurance. It’s a necessary evil to owning a vehicle in the United States, and not everything is equal. Prices vary depending on a wide range of factors, some of which make sense such as levels of coverage. Other factors are more controversial, with many people arguing that facets such as age, location, and credit scores boil down to outright discrimination. Wherever you stand on the issue, one thing is certain – prices for auto insurance can vary greatly simply based on where you live.

To make that come alive for you, Carinsurance.com took a deep dive into average insurance costs for both cities and states throughout the United States. The website conducted quotes with six major insurance carriers, using a 2017 Honda Accord for the car and a 30-year-old male with a clean driving record as the driver. The quotes were for insurance policies meeting minimum state requirements for liability coverage with a $500 deductible.

Which cities are the most expensive? Michigan is notoriously costly with its no-fault insurance system, and as such, Detroit leads the pack by a wide margin. The average insurance cost is a whopping $6,329, which equates to $527 per month – roughly the same as a car payment for a brand-new vehicle in the $35,000 range. New York is second at $5,703 annually, followed by New Orleans at $4,601 and Las Vegas at $3,768. Closing out the top-five is North Hollywood at $3,767 – nearly half the cost of insuring a car in the Motor City.

By contrast, Bridgewater, Maine has the cheapest insurance rates in the nation at just $993 per year. Lebanon, New Hampshire and St.Marys, Ohio tie for second at $995, with Blacksburg, Virginia at $1,005 and Menasha, Wisconsin at $1,080. Again, these figures are all based on the same 2017 Honda Accord with the same 30-year-old male as the driver. So yeah, there's a tremendous difference in cost based simply on location.

According to this report, the average annual insurance cost for the entire U.S. is $1,700.

Source: Carinsurance.com

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