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We Serve Injured Maritime Workers Nationwide. Services in Texas & Louisiana.
Just like any other assiduity, navigators are at threat of suffering work-related injuries any time they’re on the timepiece.

The courts fete this and are continually working to cover injured navigators through general maritime law. Maritime law gives workers who have been injured offshore or in the maritime assiduity the chance to claim necessary compensation for any suffering of medical complications.

Houston Jones Act Attorneys
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Working as a shipman in the maritime assiduity is a high-threat occupation. Heavy loads, large outfits, seaworthiness, and delicate conditions can each contribute to an elevated threat of coastal injury. Insulation is another health factor.

Where do you go when you suffer a severe injury hundreds of country miles offshore? When an injury occurs, expert medical aid is frequently hours down, while life-altering injuries need to be treated incontinently. Due to all these factors, a maritime injury can be much more serious than a analogous incident being on land.

Death on the High Swell Act (DOHSA)
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The Death on the High Swell Act (DOHSA) is an nautical law created in 1920 to permit recovery of damages by family members of a shipman who was killed in transnational waters or an unlawful death situation.

Moment, the DOHSA has also extended to cover cases where an airline disaster over the high swell passed beyond 12 navigational country miles of the territorial limit ofU.S. waters. This act was created to hold employers responsible for the safety measures that are needed for a safe working terrain.

Navigators and harbor workers are needed to complete dangerous tasks on a diurnal base, and their lives depend on the capability of their employers to produce a safe work terrain.

Limitation of Liability Act of 1851
Injured on an Offshore Vessel? We Represent Injured Workers Nationwide.
Maritime law states that the proprietor of a vessel may be liable for any losses or damages that be during the passage. Still, numerous boat possessors essay to avoid responsibility for accidents and deaths that do on their vessel under the Limitation of Liability Act.

This allows possessors in certain cases to limit liability if the unseaworthy condition of the vessel causing the loss passed without the knowledge of the proprietor. The act covers particular injury losses similar to deaths and collisions, as well as weight losses like loss of property, goods, or wares.

Injured navigators soon realize the significance that this act plays in determining the quantum and vacuity of compensation available because the liability is limited to the value of the vessel and its” freight also pending” after the time the loss passed.

This might mean that an injured coastal worker won’t be completely covered in their claim for damages. For this reason, the act has been decreasingly blamed for being obsolete in the face of newer styles that make it easier to invest in maritime commerce without the fear of unlimited liability. Anyhow, the act still plays a dominating part in determining the quantum of compensation that a coastal worker can admit.

Longshore & Harbor Workers’Compensation Act Attorneys in Houston, TX
. LHWCA Attorneys Serving Workers in Texas, Louisiana & Across theU.S.
The Longshore & Harbor Workers’Compensation Act (LHWCA) subventions workers’ compensation for wounded workers who work in the areas used for loading, unloading, casting, and repairing an ocean vessel.

The LHWCA also covers workers who work on passable waters within the theU.S. The act ensures that employers (or insurance companies covering an employer) duly compensate an injured worker when a work-related injury requires medical care, vocational recuperation, or missed workdays. The LHWCA also covers survivor benefits.

At Cobos Law, our Houston maritime injury counsel is proud to help injured maritime workers seek compensation. Every occupation has its pitfalls, and the maritime assiduity is no different. In fact, navigators share in one of the most dangerous diligence in actuality.

Navigators are at threat for work-related injuries whenever they’re on the boat. The courts fete this. Also, our Houston particular injury law establishment works continuously to fight for injured navigators.

Maritime law allows injured maritime workers the occasion to claim necessary compensation for any suffering of work-related complications. Also, these laws are the basis for all injuries that navigators sustain.

When you sustain an injury at the ocean, it’s vital to work with a Houston maritime attorney with a. comprehensive understanding of these laws. However, contact
, If you have been injured in the maritime assiduity. Our particular injury attorneys and let us fight for you.

Our maritime injury attorneys help injured dockers and navigators attain the compensation they bear to recover at our particular injury law establishment. Generally, serious injuries lead to precious medical treatments. Above all, these injuries can have a long-term impact on your life, mentally, emotionally, and financially.

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